How involved are your students with the foods they eat?  Do they understand where they come from?  How they are prepared?  Are they involved in the process at all?  My district for the past 2 years has been doing something that is becoming more common, but also have some unique pieces about us as well.  The first thing a guest would notice when coming to visit our school lunch is the lush greens available on the salad bar (and yes the kids enjoy it as much as the adults.)  Be sure to check out JulieSzaj's post on School Gardens featured this month as well. 


The main piece aside from our school garden practice is a special chicken dinner that is served across the district.  These chickens, like our vegetable garden are raised and cared for within our district by students, staff, and volunteers.  Together they oversee a process that turns out to provide an equally exciting school lunch experience.


For additional information on our program you can click on the link below.  The chickens are raised by our district students through the support of our Agricultural Department and FFA Students.  A big piece is owed to their work and dedication outside of the actual meal itself as they spend much of the year preparing for this event.  Next year plans to be bigger and better than ever.

Nutrition Services / Chicken Dinner


These pictures below may not look like much now, but very soon our students with the help of some of the nutrition services team members will be planting fresh vegetables that we will utilize in our salad bar come fall when the students return to school.  These beds are on school grounds and several students and adult volunteers keep them thriving throughout the warm summer months.  I cannot even describe how amazing our fresh salad bar is and what amazes me is that so many kids are actually opting to make their own salad with some of these fresh offerings.  It has definitely had a positive impact on their eating habits.

IMG_0858.JPG IMG_0857.JPG IMG_0856.JPG



I am sure we are not a leading example of all that is done to support sustainability in our schools, through school gardens or helping raise the food we eat, but I am wondering


  • What practices your school has that are similar or if you have taken it to the next level?
  • What are you currently doing or what ideas do you have that you think would support and "grow" this educational practice?