Brew your Personalized PLC and earn 400 Points


What is a PLC?

Professional learning communities (PLC) may be given different names from school to school or place to place, but according to the glossary of education reform, “a professional learning community, or PLC, is a group of educators that meets regularly, shares expertise, and works collaboratively to improve teaching skills and the academic performance of students. The term is also applied to schools or teaching faculties that use small-group collaboration as a form of professional development.” The group may be unplugged or online or a combination of the two.


How Can Schools Use PLC’s to Improve Practice?

The goal of a PLC is to focus on continuous school improvement in staff performance and student academic and personal growth. The PLC works to allow schools to reflect on instructional practices, benchmarks, data, resources and materials to assess progress and needs. Combining unplugged and online PLCs will allow schools to learn from each other and experts through shared visions and planning, professional development to design change that promotes motivation, engagement and personal and academic growth.


ClassroomChallengeBadge.pngBrewing Your Personalized PD Challenge . . .

Step 1:  Support

tweentribune can be used to create and implement authentic learning experiences


Step 2: Engage

video story problems can be a powerful learning tool.


Step 3: Implement

Create your personalize PD plan.  Drawing from resources such as the list below or choosing your own personal resources can be useful in brewing Your Personalize PD Plan.


Engage-ClassChallenge-icon-500px.pngComplete the mission and earn the July Classroom Challenge badge for 400 points, complete the following steps below:


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3. Respond to the following questions listed

    • How can tweentribune be used to create and implement authentic learning experiences?
    • Share a fact from BetterLesson that demonstrate how it can be used to personalize PD to teach, learn and measure growth.
    • How can including video story problems in your personalized learning help to design lessons to engage and enhance learning.  How do you use video for professional development? What is your video go to site?
    • Brew Your Personalized PD Plan.  Using the resources provided in Step 3 or one of your choosing, what are your top 3?

4. Respond to someone else's response