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I started my summer working through tutorials and testing my knowledge to become a Level I Google Certified Educator.  I had gone through this process before and become certified, however, the certification lasted 18 months and then you had to re-certify.  As I browsed through this new process, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised to see how they changed the structure. It is much more personalized now.  You train, practice, and test your skills before you actually take the test.  The old test was a set of multiple choice questions.  The new test is still a few multiple choice, but also have a part where you actually demonstrate your skills!  Personally, I am not a good test taker when it comes to memorizing information, but, if I can demonstrate how to do something, I am much more confident! Clearly, because I took the test and passed!



The next learning adventure I chose to go on was learning more about 3D printing.  This has been a very mixed learning adventure.  My experience in 3D printing has been all self taught and I have been pinning resources throughout the spring so that I may go back and dig deeper when I had time. Videos, info-graphics, articles, and tutorials all mashed together to help me gain more knowledge about 3D printing and the possibilities it has in the classroom.  Some of the resources that I utilized are:

3D Printing Tips

Tutorials in Tinkercad

Shapeways Tutorials - 10 day free trial

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Currently, I am  part of a book study with other educators in my school district.  We are reading Student-Centered Coaching: A Guide for K-8 Coaches and Principals by Diane R. Sweeney.  Our platform for discussion is Google Classroom with one face-to-face meeting.  Google Classroom is a nice way to organize our group, outline the expectations, and carry on discussion about what we are reading and how it applies to our coaching roles.  My role as a technology coach is a bit different from a literacy or math coach, however, I have made several connections so far and I am excited to put them into practice once school starts. 


What are you learning this summer?