In July, our Engage Community theme is Innovative Learning.  Innovation can include a variety of ideas and inventions. According to Wikipedia, “innovation is defined as a ‘new idea, device, or method.” Over the years computer science has made it possible to create all of these innovative devices.  Devices can help us expand our ideas into new dimensions. Educators use devices with students and students use devices both in and outside of the classroom. Students have access and use devices, but the problem is that they do not have the basic understanding of how these devices work. Having the basic understanding of how things work is the key to innovation. This is where computer science comes into play. Computer science can give students the basic “Black Box Theory” understanding of how things work which can empower students to take their ideas and create the next new innovative “new idea.”


If the sky was your starting point, what big innovative idea would you create and why? What tools would you need to create your “innovative” idea?


Participate in our Learning Pathways Thread between July 1, 2016 and Sept 1, 2016 to receive your Innovative Idea Mission Badge worth 500 points.


The Learning Pathway Mission Badge Title is Innovative Idea: July 2016    


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  • Reply to this thread and include all of the below items in your first post.
    • Describe your new innovative idea
      • Include examples of resources about how you would create your idea (what resources, materials, skills are needed to complete your project?
      • Is your idea connected to education? How?
      • How would you promote your idea?
      • What process would you go through (idea to prototype)?
      • How can you connect this idea to what you are doing in your classrooms? trainings?
      • How will having knowledge about computer science help you with this innovation?
  • Deepen the conversation by responding to at least 3 people. Try to answer the below questions in your responses or generate new questions you may have.
  • Share any drawings, photos, etc of your “innovative idea.”
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