I find students look at weather maps and ask questions like “What is this telling me?”


Another teacher suggested allowing students to take screenshots of the weather map for a few weeks. Students would then make a video by putting the images in sequential order. Students then could look for patterns in the changes shown on the weather map. I enjoy providing students the opportunity to select what they have interest in. From the Weather Underground page, they are able to select from a multitude of maps to use. The same kind of map should be used for each day’s screenshot.


Student analysis questions might include:

  • Why do storms move from West to East over North America?
  • What kind of line (front) is associated with storms?
  • How are highs and lows related to temperature and weather?


The activity takes only a few minutes each day – followed by time for students to create the video. Data analysis from the video may take longer as students compare videos with one another.


STEM Snack questions: Please respond to these questions in a comment below:

  • How do you see students evaluating this type of data?
  • How might this kind of activity engage students in their science, English, or math classroom?
  • How might this type of activity help students better understand other content?




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