How can you design a learning space to stimulate active learning, flexible classroom interactivity, and allow assessment of learning outcomes?


Space by Design and earn 400 Points

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Literature on learning spaces suggests design features impact teaching and learning (Brown & Long, 2006; Chism & Bickford, 2002; Chism, 2006; Lomas & Oblinger, 2006; Oblinger, 2006

Designing Active Learning Spaces

What does a classroom with "active learning spaces" look like?  It emphasizes group learning and collaboration?  The teacher works as a facilitator, designing projects, answering questions, providing resources, and moving around the classroom as necessary to empower students in the learning process?  Students work in groups to learn from activities structured to emphasize collaboration and interactivity.  Appropriate furniture must be used and arranged in such a way to support and empower students.  Seating should be flexible and comfortable with a variety of seating options to support student leaning needs.

Evolving the classroom space to meet students’ individual needs impacts how they learn, how they interact, and the entire classroom experience. Moran has noticed that when a learning space evolves, students' work improves immensely, their grades improve, and “just the conversations they have with each other are so invigorating to hear,”

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Research conducted by M Tschannen-Moran concluded that when learning spaces evolves, students work improves, grades improve and conversations are invigorating. A well designed classroom can impact how students learn and interact with their peers. Click on the image below to explore the Designing Your Classroom site and consider how you can create an interactive classroom to impact student academic performance.


Designing Your Classroom site

Designing Your Classroom site


Designing Your Active Learning Spaces Classroom:

  • Use the Tool Designing Your Classroom to design your active learning space
  • Use the Technology, Furniture and Wall Items menus to design a classroom that supports active learning
  • Consider the following when designing your work space:
    • Collaborative group work

    • Individual work

    • Teacher-led instruction

  • Describe your areas by selecting the text icon and recording text below your seating areas
  • Take a screen shot of your design space and save it.



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