Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 12.10.34 PM.pngAfter years of using a Motorola Razor phone, this summer I purchased a smartphone. About a month later, the app PokemonGo launched. I thought about adding the “game” to my phone and talked myself out of the install. I have a competitive nature and reasoned I would spend too much time on catching “Pokemon.” Later I was contemplating the start of school this next week. I realized many of my students would have been playing PokemonGo and it would be a BIG topic of conversations. With the goal of making connections, I installed the app. (As a side note, I am getting about 5000 more steps each day I play the game.)


I then began looking for ideas on how this addictive game might be used in education. I noted there is a discussionPokemon Go & Education in our Intel Engage community asking if Pokemon Go can be included in education. stefanie_hausman wrote a great article titled "Pokemon Go to School?" I was impressed with the concept of “history.” I note that many Pokestops are at historical markers. I think this is an excellent way to connect students to their community. Last evening, I talked with over 25 people at historical sites in my community while playing. Bill Ferriter posted a great suggestion titled “I’m planning a Pokemon Go Rally For My Middle Schoolers.” Kathy Schrock wrote the blog post “Pokemon Go in the Classroom.”


I think Pokemon Go has the ability to change how and where students learn math. I considered the many ways I use math while playing the game. The following  includes my ideas. I look forward to ideas shared by other members of our great community.



  1. Determine how many Poke Balls are “too many” to catch a Pokemon.
  2. Which Pokemon should be “evolved” or “powered up.”
  3. What percentage of each item should be kept in the bag.
  4. Which egg should be incubated and is the result worth the time required.
  5. Which Pokemon should be put into a gym to best ensure survival to earn the bonus.



Please do the following to complete this month's mission for 300 points and the August STEM Snacks Badge:

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  • Upload a screenshot showing your top CP Pokemon.
  • Explain how you can or will use Pokemon Go with students.
  • Interact with at least one other person’s response to this discussion.