A few years ago, I came along a short video clip of this lovely lady talking about genius.  Her name is Angela Maiers and she believes that YOU MATTER!  Her YOU MATTER manifesto, that you can join, consists of:


1. You are Enough

2. You have Influence

3. You are a Genius

4. You have a contribution to make

5. You have a gift to give, that others need

6. You are the change

7. Your actions define your impact

8. You Matter!

Basically, the message is that everyone has a special gift that they

need to nurture and share to help our world.

It is our responsibility!

She now has a site called Choose2Matter that focuses on moving your mindset of accepting that you matter and that your actions count to taking action.  There are some great examples of how Choose2Matter has impacted communities.

Before we begin the design process with our students, their mindset needs to be in a growing place.  They need to know that they matter so that they may clearly define their contribution and how it will help their school, community, or the world! 

How do you help your students find their voice and discover that they matter?