Become a Digital Citizen and earn 400 Points



Digital Citizen or Tourist

Are you traveling the internet as a tourist for pleasure or are you meeting the demands of digital citizenship?

How are you using critical thinking, collaboration, problem solving and creativity to integrate the four main themes of digital citizenship; digital footprint, cyberbullying, protecting privacy and intellectual property? 


Let’s put your digital citizenship to the test by checking how savvy you are.


Now that you are a certified savvy internet user, take the cyber detective challenge to learn the importance of protecting privacy.



So why is digital citizenship important?  A digital citizen is a safe and aware internet user while a digital tourist uses the internet haphazardly.  Digital citizens are aware of the power of the internet; hazards and rewards and works to be safe and protected in an online world. Stop touring and become a digital citizen. 


Begin the challenge to earn 400 points and a Classroom Challenge Badge  by completing the following tasks:

1. Bookmark this challenge

2. Share this post with 3 members of the community

3. Respond to the following tasks


  • Which question and response did you find most surprising on the “cyber savvy test”?
  • What five tips did you learn about protecting privacy on your drive to Black Mountain while becoming a cyber detective
  • How will you use these tips in your classroom to help students protect their privacy when creating safe usernames and passwords?


4. Respond to one or more posts.