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Every year, I work with my third and fourth grade students to cover digital citizenship.  The fourth grade teachers allow me to come in during their social studies time when they are discussing United States Government and citizenship.  This fits in perfectly when I talk about being a responsible digital citizen.   I use the Common Sense Media curriculum and the Digital Passports games and have become a Certified Common Sense Media Educator.  Common Sense Media provides a supportive curriculum that works with the games to provide learning and practice to each student individually.


The games are:

1.  Twalkers has students practice multi-tasking and using devices.

2.  E-Volve gives students strategies to be an upstander and deal with cyberbullying.

3.  Share Jumpers reminds students of what is appropriate to post online, some information should always be protected and private.

4.  Search Shark helps students understand what effective keywords will help them get the search results they are looking for.

5.  Mix n' Mash  allows students to practice giving proper credit for work that is not their own.

Digital Citizen Superhero.jpg

In addition to this curriculum, I am using a free Common Sense Media Nearpod Lesson.  I am using Super Digital Citizen Lite for grades 3-5.  This lesson focuses on helping others to be a responsible digital citizen, being a digital citizen superhero.  Students create their own digital safety superhero and explain their qualities and characteristics. Nearpod is an interactive slide presentation that allows students to answer questions and draw in real time.  I am having students pre-draw in nearpod and then draw their superhero to post on our bulletin board.  Nearpod is a nice program to use because you can ask questions to students while you are teaching and then get a report sent to you afterwards so that you have a record of their answers.

Digital Toolkit.jpgOnce we have finished the Common Sense Curriculum, I move to a fun activity I found on Craig Badura's site called the Digital Citizenship Survival Kit.  I have adapted his activity and use this to guide my lesson.  Students are grouped and given the different props.  They are to discuss what the particular item does and how that might pertain to being a responsible digital citizen.  For example, the packet of seeds.  A seed grows with water and light.  Our digital presence grows, but requires us to nurture it with appropriate posts and safe behavior.  I am always amazed at the different ideas the students come up with every year!

This year, I am adding a Breakout EDU activity to the end where students will have to take questions, pick out the keywords, and find the answers by searching effectively.  This was their weakest skill when I pre-tested them this year, so I thought it would make for a fun breakout!  Once they breakout, they will get a mini digital survival kit so they are always reminded of the activity we did and the importance of being a responsible digital citizen!




What fun activities do you do in your classrooms to teach students about being a responsible digital citizen?