Below are a list of resources related to the topic of Assessments and includes discussions, videos, blogs and more.


Assessment in the 21st Century Classroom (December 2014)

This archived webinar gives on overview of the Intel Teach Elements: Assessment in 21st Century Classrooms professional development course.


The Survey Says. . . Online Assessments (February 2016)

This blog post shares 6 assessment resources for teachers and students.


Formative - Chat with Deb (November 2015)

In this blog post, Deb shares an assessment tool that can be used to provide feedback in real time.


Sharing a Tool - And Why I'm Worried About It(November 2016)

This post shares a worksheet tool that can be used for  formative assessments.


Straight From the Source    Volume 1, Issue 6 (June 2016)

A post that examines different ways to connect student data and how it can benefit instruction and learning in the classroom.


Community Roadmap: Get your Game On! (November 2015)

This community roadmap post focuses on gaming, asking the question as to how data from online learning games can be used as a bigger part of assessment in the classroom.


Creative and Engaging Mobile Assessments for Active Learning (May 2015)

This post links to a podcast that discusses mobile resources that collect data to use as feedback to check for student understanding during the instructional process.


What is your best go to assessment app or resource? (May 2015)

A discussion post asking the community what their go to assessment app or resource they use to document teacher or student learning. This is a follow up discussion from the Creative and Engaging Mobile Assessments for Active Learning post above.