Below are a list of resources related to the topic of Assessments and includes discussions, videos, blogs and more.


May Community Roadmap: Connected Communities (May 2016)

This document introduces the May Engage topic of Connected Communities and gives a brief history of online communities.


Classroom Challenge – Connected Families:  Are You Making Positive Connections? – May 2016 (May 2016)

In this blog post, home and school connections are explored.


Learning Pathways-May-July 2016-Connected Compliance (July 2016)

This learning pathways post explores connecting with the community via digital media and tools and the importance of creating safe learning environments for students.


Boosting Projects with Service (April 2016)

This post talks about how to incorporate service projects into project-based learning to deepen learning while at the same time contributing positively to the community.


Connect Students With Global Projects (May 2016)

This post offers a variety of global collaboration projects that can be used in the classroom.


Connected Classrooms on Google+ (May 2016)

This post shares how the Connected Classrooms on Google+ can be used to collaborate and connect students with the global community.


Have You Joined the Community of Podcast Listeners?(May 2016)

This Chat with Deb blog post explores podcasts and their increasing popularity. The presentation mentions many education Podcasts for users to listen to.


Expanding Your PLN (June 2016)

This posts explores expanding your PLN and asks users to share their advices on how they connect and collaborate with educators globally.


3 New Ideas for Connecting Globally (May 2016)

This post shares 3 ways to connect your classroom globally.


Connected Classrooms and Global Digital Citizenship (March 2015)

This archived webinar explores on breaking down the four walls of the classroom and connecting virtually, including the use of social media, web conferences, and virtual and collaborative projects.


Connected Families and Students (May 2015)

This Chat with Deb explores two sites for connecting and communicating with students, parents and peers.


Community Roadmap: Connected Families (May 2015)

This roadmap posts asks users to think about how to keep kids connected outside the classroom.


Ways to Participate in Connected Educator Month - Chat with Deb (Oct 2015)

This Chat with Deb explores useful resources that can be used to staying connected with others in the education world.