Below are a list of resources related to the topic of Digital Citizenship.


October Roadmap: Digital Citizenship (October 2016)

Roadmaps were created as a way to introduce a topic of conversation to all Engage members.  This resource created October 2016 gave an overview of Digital Citizenship and resources on how educators can make connections to their classrooms.


Community Roadmap: Digital Citizens and Connected Learners (October 2016)

This blog shares the community roadmap resources and overview of Digital Citizenship with content relevant from 2015.


Community Roadmap October: Digital Citizens in a Connected World (October 2014)

This blog shares the community roadmap resources and overview of Digital Citizenship with content relevant from 2014.


Digital Citizenship Conversations  (October 2016)

deb_norton was an active member of the Intel Engage Leadership team and in October 2016 she created and shared a video blog post sharing conversations that educators should have with students around Digital Citizenship.


Powerful Social Media Videos for Digital Citizenship Month (October 2015)

In support of Digital Citizenship in 2015deb_norton created a blog post sharing a collection of videos that educators could use in the classroom to inspire discussions with their students.


Digital Passports, a Survival Kit, and a Breakout! (October 2016)

iVelvet and active member of the Intel Engage Leadership team created a blog post sharing resources that she uses with her 3rd and 4th grade students around digital citizenship.


What is your Digital Citizenship Resource?  (October 2016)

holmesg, a member of the Intel Engage Leadership Team started a discussion in October 2016 encouraging educators to share their favorite teaching resource for Digital Citizenship.


Yes Students Should Use Social Media (But It's Our Job to Show Them How) (October 2016)

In this discussion post MBrownEdTech discusses the role of educators mentoring and modeling for students appropriate social media use and encourages other educators to share their best practices.


Connected Classrooms and Global Digital Citizenship (March 2015)

In March of 2015 an educator from Montana shared her story on how she focused on breaking down the four walls of the classroom and connecting virtually.  This was part of the Intel Teach Live Webinar Series.


Classroom Challenge – Digital Citizenship: Crossing the Street in a Digital World (October 2015)

Classroom Challenges focused on activities that classroom teachers can do to raise awareness on the subject with their students.  This challenge shared digital citizenship resources and encouraged educators to go through an online experience to earn a digital citizenship certificate.


Cut to the Core: Tech Solutions for Common Core - Digital Citizenship and the Common Core (October 2014)

This blog post discussed the role of digital citizenship and made connections to both the Common Core and ISTE standards.  Emphasis in this post was on digital citations and plagiarism.


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