Below are a list of resources related to the topic of Gamification in Education.


November Roadmap: Games for Impact (November 2016)

Roadmaps were a created as a way to introduce a concept to Intel Engage Members.  This introduces members to Game Infused Learning and the impact to education.


Community Roadmap: Get your Game On! (November 2015)

This roadmap talks about all things gaming and what are the impacts and benefits to gaming in education.


Gamify the Classroom (May 2016)

iVelvet poses the question what resources would you share with a teacher exploring gamification in the classroom.


Zondle - to Gamify Your Lessons (August 2014)

In this blog post by deb_norton she shares how to use Zondle to support gamification in your classroom.


BreakoutEDU - Your Students and Staff Will Love This (April 2016)

In this blog post deb_norton shares how you can get exploring and using BreakoutEDU in your classroom.


Mission Math - My First Attempt with PL (March 2016)

In this blog post iVelvet shares her lessons learned with Personal Learning and gamification and encourages others to share their stories.


Straight from the Source: Board Games with a Twist (July 2016)

Straight from the Source is a blog series created by sieholmes and jpillmon. This post examines the connections with board games and robotics and the impact in education.


Straight From the Source    Volume 1, Issue 6 (June 2016)

This post examines using Breakout EDU in the classroom.


Classroom Challenge – Fun Infused Learning: Game On (November 2015)

Classroom Challenges focused on classroom activities that teachers can do to raise awareness on the subject with their students.  This challenge explored gaming and academic achievement.


Gamification: Getting it Right (January 2016)

In this webinar Dr. Bron Stuckey explore gamification in education and how you can get it right for your classroom.


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