Below are a list of resources related to the topic of Project-Based Learning and includes discussions, videos, courses, lesson plans and more.


Teachers of the Year Speak Out (September 2015)

In this series of videos, you’ll hear from experienced educators on the benefits, challenges, and successes of project-based learning for teachers and students.


Tech in Education Profiles: Laurel Elementary School (October 2015)

This document profiles how Laurel Elementary school is using technology in the classroom, and how they are incorporating technology based project-based learning.


Boosting Projects with Service (April 2016)

This post talks about how to incorporate service projects into project-based learning to deepen learning while at the same time contributing positively to the community.


Project-Based Approaches (April 2015)

This archived webinar recording gives an overview of the Intel Team Elements: Project-Based Approaches course.


Designing Effective Projects

The Designing Effective Projectsresources provide a foundation for good planning and supports you in adapting project-based units or developing your own from scratch. The group includes project design, thinking skills and unit plans and instructional strategies.


It's a Wild Ride

It's a Wild Ride is a detailed case study designed for teachers wanting an inside look at development and implementation of an interdisciplinary project enriched by technology.


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