Below are a list of resources related to the topic of Active Learning Spaces.


Get Active: Reimagining Learning Spaces for Student Success (June 2015)

In this webinar, authors Stefanie Hausman, Tod Johnston, and Dale Basye will discuss the concepts, resources, and insights covered in the book, and showcase how schools across the country are discarding the traditional notion of what a “classroom” is and developing a new type of contemporary learning space: one that is more flexible, agile and adaptive and equipped with technology to both personalize and expand conditions for learning.


#StarbucksMyRoom (August 2016)

This blog post by deb_norton explores the concept of flexible seating and how it can be relevant to active learning spaces.


Is Your Classroom Ready? I Have a Few Ideas for You! (August 2016)

This post by deb_norton showcases ways to design classrooms that look differently from the traditional classroom and provide students with active learning spaces that fits their learning styles.


How do you capture "Snapshots" of the Learning Process? (August 2016)

This discussion by vkajones captures thoughts on how to capture snapshots of students' learning in an active learning environment.


Getting Students Energized for Learning (August 2016)

This discussion by MBrownEdTech highlights 3 strategies for getting students up, energized, moving and engaged in active learning.


Get Active: Reimagining Learning Spaces Book Study  (April 2016)

A book study in an innovative way of learning and this post documents the guidelines of running a successful book study.  This book focuses on the Pedagogy of Active Learning and how it drives transformation, classroom space and how it affects learning your environment and then turning ideas into actions.


August Community Roadmap: Active Learning Spaces(July 2016)

This community roadmap explores the question: What role does space play in learning?


Classroom Challenge – Active Learning Spaces:  Space by DesignClassroom Challenge – Active Learning Spaces:  Space by Design – August  2016(August 2016)

This challenge by holmesg had participants design and discuss learning spaces that allowed for active learning, flexible classroom interactivity and allowed for assessment of learning outcomes.


Active Learning Spaces Mission(August 2016)

This mission had  participants design and discuss learning spaces. There are extra resources in the discussion area.


Creative and Engaging Mobile Assessments for Active Learning(May 2016)

This discussion by NaomiHarm provides resources and a podcast recording for creative and engaging mobile assessments for active learning.


K-12 Professional Learning

This page hosts a plethora of links including links to strategies for transforming learning environments for 21st century learners:

Get Active: Reimagining Learning Spaces

Active Learning Toolkit


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