Below are a list of resources related to the topic of Innovative Learning.


July Community Roadmap: Innovative Learning -June 2016

This resource, by stefanie_hausman  examines different learning models and introduces us to the idea of Microlearning. - June 2016


Innovative Learning: Making Sense of it All - September 2016

In this resource sieholmes highlights Digital Promise and how they help to accelerate innovation in education to improve opportunities to learn. They are striving to close the digital learning gap and bring opportunities to all learners.


Power Up to Innovative Learning - July 2016

This post by holmesg highlights an opportunity to use your innovative thinking strategies to play Power Up!


Learning Pathway: Innovative Idea - July 2016

This mission, created by vkajones, highlights the conversation about innovative ideas and how to implement them in the classroom.


ISTE Standards for Students get an Upgrade - June 2016

Informative post by peggygrant gives a summary of how the ISTE standards for students evolved and now includes Innovative Designer as part of their student standards.


STEM Snacks: Pokemon Go and Math - August 2016

This fun post by glen_w highlights the Pokemon Go game and how it can motivate learning in the classroom.


Get Active: Re imagining Learning Spaces Book Study - April 2016

A book study is an innovative way of learning and this post by stefanie_hausman documents the guidelines of running a successful book study.  This book focuses on the Pedagogy of Active Learning and how it drives transformation, classroom space and how it affects learning your environment and then turning ideas into actions.


March Community Roadmap: Personalized Learning with Mobile Technologies - February 2016

In this mission, by stefanie_hausman, we explore what personalized learning means and how is can be infused into the classroom effectively using mobile technologies.


Learning that Works - January/November 2015

This document highlights an interdisciplinary project called "It's a Wild Ride" that examines the learning process through the process of designing roller coasters.


Edcamp: Participant-Driven Professional Learning - April 2016

melissalim explores the essential of an Edcamp and and what makes it such an innovative learning space for professional development.


Gems of 21st Century Skills Part 1: Learning and Innovation - August 2011

vkajones discusses learning and innovation using Partnership of 21st Century Skills.


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