Classroom Challenge – Innovative Technology:  Creating a better way (January 2016)

This resource by holmesg highlights different ways to create innovative lessons and includes classroom examples and ideas.


Geek Is So Chic With Wearable Technology(January 2016)

This webinar showcases wearable technology that can enhance personal and professional learning.


Create in 3D! Imagination comes to life!(January 2016)

This post by iVelvet explores the possibilities of 3D printing and showcases classroom applications.


Chat with Deb - Virtual Reality is a 2016 Innovative Technology(January 2016)

This post by deb_norton explores the topic of virtual reality and how it can be utilized with students.


Community Roadmap: Innovative Technology(January 2016)

This community roadmap provides links to the monthly theme and has people answering the following:

What are you most excited about? What is stoking your educational passion right now?

What do you resolve to do to innovate in 2016?

How do you determine whether a new technology is working in your classroom or not? If it's not, what do you do?


Classroom Challenge – Innovative technologies – Storytelling with Green Screening (January 2015)

This discussion by holmesg highlights various resources to use if interested in using green screen technology with students.


Straight From The Source (January 2016)

This document by sieholmes highlights two resources: Goosechase and Connecting Teachers and Learning (flipped learning for teachers)


Innovative Technology - Ladibug - Create Time Lapse Videos and More (January 2015)

This post by deb_norton explores the process of creating time lapse videos with students


Google Instructional Tools: Let's Get Ready to EXPLORE! (May 2015)

This webinar shows viewers how to innovatively utilize GAFE tools in the classroom. 


Personalized Learning with Mobile Technologies (March 2016)

This archived Twitter Chat explores how innovative technologies can be used to personalize learning.


The Wonders of Google Classroom (March 2016)

This webinar showcases the structure of Google Classroom and explores several integration ideas.


Visit the Intel Education Idea Showcase and use the search filters to find lesson plans related to this topic.