Below are a list of resources related to the topic of Leadership.


Educational Leadership in the 21st Century  - April 2015

Webinar archive exploring three lessons on technology leadership, collaboration tools for leaders, and technology trends.


Moving Students From Digital Citizenship To Digital Leadership - October 2015

Highlights a graphic by Sylvia Duckworth illustrating how students need to make the transition from digital citizen to digital leaders.


Digital Equity - September 2016

How do you lead your school when it comes to Digital Equity for Learning)?


Teaching Kids to Rock the Vote!  - September 2016

Leading by example to show our students the importance of participating in our democracy.


The Importance of Leadership in a 1:1 Program Implementation  - October 2013

Webinar highlighting the leadership qualities needed to find success in 1:1 implementation.


Archive of Intel Teach Elements Facilitation Resources  - October 2016

julesfischy archives Intel Teach Elements resources including links to Educational Leadership in the 21st Century Syllabus.


How K-12 Leaders Can Communicate Their Message the Right Way   - August 2014

mdconley57 highlights strategies school leaders can use from two public relations experts that help determine the best strategies to communicate with members of your school community and build support.