Below are a list of resources related to the topic of Learning With Data and includes discussions, videos, blogs and more.


Learning with Data - 3 Ideas for the Elementary Classroom (June 2016)

This post showcases 3 different ideas to assist elementary learners through the data collection and analysis process as well as takes a look at a few articles that support data literacies in the classroom and not just in math class. 


Big Query = Analyze Big Data (June 2016)

This resource begins with a tool to help you understand large data sets, analytics, and how to use the data collected in sheets.


Resources for Using Data in the Classroom (June 2016)

This post shares a few different tools that students can use to produce data projects in the classroom.


Classroom Challenge - Learning with Data:  Are You Using Data to Transform Your Classroom? (June 2016)

This classroom challenge takes a look at online tests and how they can be used to transform classroom learning.


Learning with Data - A Chat with Deb (June 2016)

This video resource takes a look at a variety of resource sites for using data with students to teach how to find, chart, graph, and analyze large data.


STEM Snacks: Bubble-ology (June 2016)

This activity leads students through an exercise to collect data and looks at how to take students through the process of analyzing the data they collect throughout the exercise.


June Community Roadmap: Learning with Data (May 2016)

This community roadmap takes a look at and discusses ideas for incorporating data collection, analysis, and visualization skills in the classroom.


Thinking Critically wit Data (March 2015)

This webinar explores the a professional development course designed for teachers and administrators who wish to incorporate opportunities for critical thinking with a focus on digital media and data analysis.


Intel Teach Life- May 2013- Using Mobile Devices to Collect Student Data (May 2013)

Here we look at how to begin collecting data on and with students as well as multiple tools and devices used for the collection of classroom data.


Infographics: Analyze, Evaluate, Synthesize (April 2013)

This recorded webinar looks how the characteristics of infographics, online resources to create your own infographics as well as how you can leverage student learning visually to analyze data through graphics.


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