Below are a list of resources related to the topic of Mobile Learning and includes discussions, videos, blogs and more.

Mobile Learning (including Jeff Charboneau’s blog posts.)


Classroom Challenge – Going Mobile – Learning on the go - March 2016 (March 2016)

    This blog explores a classroom challenge that explores Apps created by Intel and details how they can be used to make learning fun and mobile.


Digital Inking in the Classroom: Real Stories, Real Problems, & Real Solutions (March 2016)

    Digital Inking in the Classroom....Real stories, real problems and real solutions.


What is a picture worth? Using photos in physics. (March 2016)

    Jeff Charboneau sharing how his students using tablet PCs, as 1:1 devices...accessing online resources.


Software and Apps for a One to One (Tablet) Physics Class (January 2016)

Jeff Charboneau shares apps used his his physics class.


Education Dreams (December 2015)

Jeff Charboneau shares his educational dreams.


The Five Myths of Personalized Learning (February 2016)

    Diverse learning with mobile devices... the myths and how we can help all students thrive.


Software and Apps for a One to One (Tablet) Physics Class (January 2016)

    Apps to use in a 1:1 Physics class


Education Dreams  (December 2015)

    Empowering students and teachers to use technology...Education Dreams


Community Roadmap: Going Mobile (March 2015)

    A variety of Engage Community and other resources to engage students in mobile learning.


Moving into Mobile Learning: How mobile is your classroom? (November 2014)

    This discussion explores the question how mobile is your classroom?


Moving into Mobile Learning and Creativity in the Mobile Classroom Syllabus (January 2015)

    Course Classroom Syllabus


Moving into Mobile Learning  (December 2014)

Intel® Teach Elements: Moving into Mobile Learning Webinar

    Webinar about the course Moving into Mobile Learning


Introduction to Mobile Learning  (November  2014)

    Explore Mobile Learning resources and definition of Mobile Learning


Mobile Learning  (February 2015)

    Discussion on research and definitions of mobile learning


Mobile Learning Visions (June 2014)

    A discussion on how can mobile learning impact student learning?


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