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March Community Roadmap: Personalized Learning with Mobile Technologies -  (March 2016)

Definition of personalized learning, best practices for personalizing your classroom, strategies that other teachers are using, and different perspectives on personalized learning.  Images, polls and myths about personalized learning is provided to paint a visual and create powerful discussions. Links to Personalized learning toolkit and K-12 Blueprint.


Geek Is So Chic With Wearable Technology  (January 2016)

Update on wearable technology and showcase of the latest and greatest wearable technology that can enhance personal and professional learning.


Break the Ice with Your Mobile Device   (March 2016)

How to get students up and moving with mobile devices using them with ice breakers or as lesson activity hooks. Activities include photography funny faces and digital photography tableaus.


Introduction to Mobile Learning  (June 2015)

Ten elements of High Quality Digital Learning, Models of mobile learning, Technology Toolbox, and a Teacher's Story.


Community Roadmap: Going Mobile  (March 2015)

Resources provided for 1:1 initiatives, going mobile, mobile learning spaces, K-12 Professional Development Resources Community, and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).


Mobile Teachers: Apps, Ideas, and Taking Action   (June 2015)

Mobile learning environments begin with teachers.  Resources include

Taking Action for Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning Webinars

Intel Education Apps

Mobile Scenarios for K12 App


Straight From the Source May 2016 (May 2016)

How students are going mobile with quizzup and kahoot.  Students share how these tools are making a difference for them in their classrooms.


The Five Myths of Personalized Learning  (February 2016)

A Guide for Engaging Students with Technology. Critical principles and approaches that successful personalized learning initiatives share including differentiated, individualized and personalized instruction.


Intel® Teach Program   (Sept 2015)

Intel Teach Essentials Course. Instructional strategies for addressing and assessing thinking skills using technology to increase opportunities for effective student collaboration, student teacher interactions and the inquiry process.


Salt and Pepper with Devices (March 2016)

Devices and tools to personalize learning


Classroom Challenge – PD Launch:  Brew your Own Personalized PD  (July 2016)

Using PLC's to personalize learning and create focused continuous school improvement. Includes steps for obtaining support, engaging participants and implementing strategies.


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