Here are 10 Engage Community Resources that feature Life and Career Skills.


STEM Toys For Girls To Ignite STEM Careers (February 2016)

This discussion includes several links, resources, and ideas for encouraging Girls to consider STEM Careers by using interesting technologies and educational gadgets and toys.


Cut to the Core: Tech Solutions for Common Core - Finding 21st Century Careers (February 2014)

A blog post that covers how to improve your searching skills, how to sample various search engines and techniques, and encourages the reader to use these skills when studying career choices and for when preparing for a career search.


Chat with Deb - Career Readiness (February 2016)

This blog post includes information for those that wish to promote career readiness in their classrooms.  It includes videos, links, and info graphics to communicate a message for preparing career ready students.


Classroom Challenge – 21st Century Careers:  Finding the Right Career (February 2016)

This challenge to educators includes career readiness videos and self-assessments which help guide students to the right career.  Several examples of career choices and recommendations based on the self- assessment are included in the discussion.


Getting Girls Interested in STEM Careers (February 2016)

A discussion post that has several examples, reflections, and advice about encouraging girls to consider careers in technology and other STEM careers.


Makerspace Essentials for CTE (October 2015)

A blog post that includes advice for setting up makerspaces that inspires users to consider careers in technical fields.  It includes several videos and online resources to help users get started with creating makerspaces focused on 21st century skills.



February - April 2016- Pathways to Learning: Computer Science for All #CSforAll (February 2016)

This blog post includes several ideas and resources for encouraging girls to begin coding.  It discusses that computer science is for all and shares the resources that would help one to get a girls coding club started in their school. 


What is Your 21st Century Career Type? (February 2016)

A blog post that features an online type test to help people determine what type of learner they are and to consider a career that best suits them. 


Living and Learning in 2025 (May 2015)

This recorded webinar explores what will it feel like to live ten years in the future? It features futurist Brian David Johnson as he explores the technological and cultural trends that will shape 2025, exploring their impact on our daily lives.


How do we Empower and Inspire Young Women? (February 2015)

A recorded webinar that includes Tricia Berry, Director of Texas Girls Collaborative Project (TxGCP) and Katherine Sauter, middle school CATE teacher at the Ann Richard's Young Women Leadership Academy sharing resources and tools to inspire and empower young women to become innovators, creators and designers of the world in which they live.


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