Below are a list of resources related to the topic of Design Thinking.


Classroom Challenge – Design Thinking:  – Thinking by Design - September 2016  A (September 2016)

One of the Classroom Challenges by holmesg is designed for teachers to share ideas and discuss how design thinking works.


Design a Wallet (September 2016)

This document by stefanie_hausman provided an example of how to implement Design Thinking.


Design Thinking Bootcamp (September 2016)

This blog post by explains the basics of Design Thinking.


Design Thinking in the Classroom (September 2016)

This discussion by MBrownEdTech links Design Thinking with skills students need to develop during K-12 education.


Electrical Engineer for a day (July 2015)

A unit plan shared by shows how students can practice design as used by an Electrical Engineer.


Empathy and the Design Thinking Process (September 2016)

This blog post by jess-sanders shows how to implement Empathy and Design Thinking.


The Power of Empathy in Design Thinking for Education (September 2016)

A discussion started by describes the importance of empathy in the engineering process.


Roll Call... Are you ready to Rock the Hour of Code 2016? (September 2016)

This blog post by vkajones that describes how to participate in the Hour of Code.


Engage and Win: Share your Design Challenge Ideas (September 2016)

A discussion begun by aparker challenges teachers to share ideas on how to use Design Thinking as an engineer.


STEM Snacks: Bending Glass (September 2016)

This blog post by glen_w provides an example of how students can apply Design Thinking when bending glass tubing as a classroom activity.


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