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As a current classroom teacher, I can attest to the importance of smart classroom design along with finding resources that support what happens within your space.  As any teacher can tell you, each year is different. Curriculum changes.  Students change.  District expectations change.  What remains a constant is the need to be flexible and creative.  Today’s classrooms are increasing in size, and there is an increasing need to personalize instruction for the special needs of all learners along with meeting the learning styles of the entire class.  Thankfully, technology is a resource that can help teachers support all students.


Technology is a tool that will never replace good teaching.  However, when used effectively, it can help teachers and students in various measures. While there isn’t one “silver-bullet” that is the best device, there are some that have more benefits than others.  Personally, I prefer to bring in resources that are easy to use and reliable. Because my student’s technology skills range from novice to proficient, I need devices that they easily understand how to navigate and use.  I’ve found the Intel 2 in 1 is a great classroom solution for many reasons.


Wouldn’t it be nice if a company valued to support education beyond the physical device? Check out how Intel® is supporting education in ways that go beyond an effective device… they have truly captured what matters within the classroom space!


1. Mobility

Intel 2 in 1s are mobile devices. It’s easy to maneuver. This is especially important as students begin to collaborate more and move towards a blended learning model of instruction.  No more are the days where the teacher lectures in front of the classroom for hours. Classrooms today encourage student collaboration, small group instruction, personalized learning, and teacher facilitation.  Resources and tools need to be accessible and flexible.  Students need to be able to grab and go!


2. Productivity and Performance

Because the 2 in 1 contains the Intel Core Processor, it’s more than a tablet.  You get the benefits of an actual robust machine.  Students are able to do more!


3. 7.8 Hours of Battery Life

Allow students to work throughout the school day without the worry of having to recharge.  This is especially nice as outlet can be scarce or charging ports can be limited during school hours.  Students can access the resources they need throughout the entire day.


4. Student Centered

Intel devices have the student in mind.  Beyond the obvious: it’s a touch screen, plus a laptop, the suite of resources available are engaging and thought provoking.  As I browsed the content available and the archives of resources, I was inspired to continue clicking on each link.  The lessons are inquiry based, project focused, and highly engaging. As a student, I couldn’t imagine a more fun way to learn.  I love being challenged and having the freedom to discuss my thinking with others.  Intel Education provides several collections of content resources and lessons to engage K-12 students.


5. Numerous Teacher Resources

Teachers are busy.  We love to find wonderful and creative lessons that are standards aligned, differentiated, fun, and inspiring. Intel Education is saving teachers time by curating amazing resources, lesson ideas, lesson plans, rubrics, interactive textbooks, assessments, and more - all in one spot!  I especially love the classroom videos available on the site so I can see how to use the devices and the lessons within the classroom. Intel makes it easy for me to see, print, adapt, and incorporate.  These tools are most helpful!


6. Focus on Education

Intel Education puts the focus on pedagogy rather than the device.  This is important as good teaching must start with the learning. Intel has developed a vast collection of teacher and student resources.  These resources compliment the 2 in 1 device.  To enhance the curriculum, the technology can be utilized to not only engage the students, but to have them collaborate and create in ways they wouldn’t have otherwise been able to do.  It’s refreshing to see a company who values what teachers and students need rather than other external factors.


Erin Klein is an award winning educator, national keynote speaker, author, and mother who has been twice selected to serve on the Scholastic, Inc. Top Teaching Team based in New York. Her recent publication, Amazing Grades, was a collaboration with experts from 13 countries around the world. She travels the country speaking about the power of student voice, how meaningful technology integration can enhance learning experiences, and the impact classroom design has on todays learner


Brought to you by Intel Education. For more great ideas for putting 2-in-1 devices to use with students, be sure to visit to visit, where you'll find strategies, suggestions and more!

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