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I’m humbled every day by the accomplishments of all of those who dedicate their time and energy to the Intel Teach program.  I’m especially humbled today, as Intel Teach Arizona receives the National Governors Association award.





Intel Teach Arizona was nominated by Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer for this national award, recognizing our “outstanding collaboration”, as a company that “partnered with a governor’s office to implement a program or project that positively affects the state’s citizens.”






It’s incredible to see how more than 17,500 Arizona educators; 360,000 U.S educators from all 50 states, and 7 million teachers in 60 countries worldwide have participated in this program. Stories from Arizona remind me how many ways Intel Teach is reaching classrooms every day.  I have the great fortune to serve as U.S. Intel Teach Program Manager, is that a cool job or what?






To all Intel Teach state program coordinators, trainers and participants: thank you for all you do.


Steve Andrews

U.S. Program Manager, Intel Teach

Where in the World is Flat Stevie?

Well, there he goes again!


The story begins in Atlanta, at the 2008 Senior Trainer Summit (was THAT fun??).  One of the activities in teams was to create a puppet from materials at hand, and tell a story. Well... we have some imaginative and ARTISTIC Senior Trainers in the group.  Ta Daa, Flat Stevie was born!  Flat Stevie will be traveling with me in 2009, watch for pictures and see if you can guess where he's gone and what he's up to!


Guess where I was this time?  Can you see the scaffolding being constructed on the Capitol steps for the Inaguration?  We were there to attend the State Ed Tech Directors Association Leadership Summit.  Check out SETDA’s Class of 2020: Action Plan for Education Project - five publications designed to articulate technology’s transformative role in education  Round Stevie visited offices of Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) and Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA).  Exciting changes are in the wind with a new Administration and a new Congress next year.


More soon.  Next time, Flat Stevie will send out a picture first.  YOU guess where he's been, and what he's up to!



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