• Intel® Teach Program

    “If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.” ― John Dewey Transforming education to meet the needs of today’s learners requires ongoing support for...
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  • Apps from Intel Education

    Intel's wide array of apps across multiple platforms support effective mobile teaching and learning.   Learning in Context Apps  LiC: Reading Comprehension This literacy app aids students in learning h...
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  • Essential Summer PD Tools - Engage and Win!

    Educators are natural life-long learners, and for many professional learning is a 12-month a year engagement. How do you keep that effort rolling? Respond to this thread by sharing an essential tool you use to keep ...
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  • Engage and Win - What's Different about Literacy in a Digital World?

      The meaning of literacy is already multi-faceted, and digital transmission of information makes it much more complex. This month, we want to know what different types of literacy and literacy skills are necess...
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  • Engage and Win: Back to School Backpack

    No matter where you are in the world, and how you connect globally, at some point you go "back to school." So, this month we want to know: What's the single most essential tool in your Back to School Backpack? &n...
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  • Active Learning Spaces Mission

    Active Learning Spaces Mission (This Mission will be open until Sept. 30, 2015)     View the Recorded Webinar for Get Active: Reimagining Learning Spaces for Student Success   Continue or join the c...
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  • Trends in Visual Storytelling

    People have been telling visual stories for a very long time. When I grew up it was all about using a camera (with film!) or drawing with colored pencils.  Times sure have changed and it's no wonder that today's ...
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  • this is a test discussion

    Hi everyone. this is a test discussion.
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  • Back to School Digital Toolkits

    8/25/15 4:00 PM
    DESCRIPTION Have you ever wondered what is needed to start your school year off digitally? Do you ponder what teachers and students are doing with devices in their classrooms? Have you ever daydreamed about flipping y...
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    Back to School Digital Toolkits

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  • Changing thoughts on rubrics

    After reading the blog post Your Rubric Is A Hot Mess; Here's How To Fix It my team decided to try this rubric format this year. The only written details we include  in the rubriic  explain "requirements." A...
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  • Share Your Back to School Wishlist and Win It!

    Parents and students aren't the only people loading up on school supplies right now. As we learned last year around this time, in the 2013-2014 school year U.S. teachers on average spent $513 out-of-pocket on supplies...
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  • Chromebooks DIY Hacks

          OK teacher friends, I need your help! I am working with some schools in the MidWest USA with very limited funding to purchase storage and charging carts for their Chromebooks. These schools are l...
  • Is Mobile a better easily accessible device for learning than a Tablet ?

    We see that most of the students have mobiles as compared to a tablet. Affordability wise and user friendly wise should we promote tablets or allow students to use mobiles? Every parent has a mobile should we create ...
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  • story of coal.pptx

    A lesson plan used by one of my science teacher.
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  • Comments, Sharing, and Likes: Ways to Share What You Like

    How do you indicate you like a piece of content? Well, that seems like a silly question! Isn’t it obvious? You post a comment that you like it, or better yet, just select the “Like” button!  Did...
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  • Notes on Nitro: GenCon Adventures, part II

    GenCon Adventures, part II   [Part I] Before I left for GenCon, I asked the community here if they had any questions. I received two. Here is what I learned.   Question One: LMS (asked by julesfischy) ...
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  • Community Roadmap: Creativity Blooms

    Are you feeling creative today? If so, why? If not, why not? In a way, creativity is linked to a lot of the factors that drive educators to do the great work they do: inspiration, ambition, energy, empathy, and commit...
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  • Engage and Win: Creativity without Limits

      In line with this month's theme, think about what you would do in the classroom if the "sky is the limit." What is the most creative idea you would implement in your classroom if there were no limits or barrier...
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  • The Internet Big Bang Effect!

    The next transitioning phase in the Education came with the introduction of Internet. While computers equipped Schools and Teachers with tools (computers, word documents, sheets and printers) to augment their existing...
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  • Notes on Nitro: Games, Learning, and GenCon

    Games, Learning, and GenCon  Earlier this year, I attended a workshop devoted to incorporating games into the classroom. The presenter, a very enthusiastic gentleman, spent the entire time discussing various onl...
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