• Learning Pathways-May-July 2016-Connected Compliance

    In May, our Engage Community theme is Connected Community.  We know that in order to connect our students to communities that exist outside of their classrooms, schools, neighborhood and states, we must rely on d...
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  • Genuino 101 Test material.

    Genuino101( Orentation Visualiser) Genuino101 (Shock Detect)   Genuino 101 CurieIMU Gyro Test Genuino101 CurielMU Gyro Test2
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  • Genuino101( Orentation Visualiser)

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  • Genuino101 Test (Functions)

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  • Genuino101 19*19 multiplication

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  • Genuino101 digital input & output Test

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  • STEM Snacks: Cartesian Divers

    I enjoy challenging students to learn about science using common materials. A cartesian diver often requires the purchase of special materials. I, therefore, began considering what I might allow students to use to cre...
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  • First microprocessor 4004

          What was the reason for naming the first microprocessor in 4004 
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  • ¿Por qué debemos capacitar a los padres de familia en el uso de las tecnologías?

    La mayoría de los niños hoy en día son lo suficientemente hábiles en el uso de la tecnología. Ellos desarrollan un interés en la tecnología a una edad muy joven y comienzan a exp...
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  • Spanish_Homepage_Banner_Configuration

    Banner_Image_URL Kink_Panel_Title Kink_Panel_Description Kink_Panel_Navigation_URL http://www.intel.com/content/dam/www/program/education/us/en/images/Intel%20ISEF/launch-banner2.png ¿Por qué debemos ca...
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  • School Gardens

    When I was teaching I always had my students create a classroom garden on the school grounds. It didn't matter the setting, rural or urban, we always found space to get our hands dirty and grow something. I am wonderi...
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  • Edcamp: Participant-Driven Professional Learning

    Here's a recent blog post I wrote about edcamp:   In 2011, a team of colleagues and I organized the first EdcampPDX, a grassroots movement and model of learning where educators come together to collaborate, share...
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  • Spanish_Homepage_Announcement_Configuration

    Title Thumbnail_URL Resource_Type Navigation_URL Intel® Tabletas para aprender (app) http://www.intel.com/content/dam/www/program/education/us/en/images/Intel%20Engage/Dynamic_Images/ct2c.png Link https://play...
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  • Sustaining a Healthy Appetite at the School Lunch Table

    How involved are your students with the foods they eat?  Do they understand where they come from?  How they are prepared?  Are they involved in the process at all?  My district for the past 2 years...
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  • Earth Day Online Activities for Students

    Here is the Virtual Forest Challenge that I plan to show to some students for "Earth Day".  http://www.scholastic.com/growgreen/virtualforest/   I think that locating resources about recycling, games about ...
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    Esse arquivo é uma produção do meu projeto de tese onde estou pesquisando as repercussões das atividades com pesquisa na continuidade dos estudos dos estudantes de ensino técnico em qu...
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  • New Members Start Here! (April 2016)

    Hello and Welcome to Intel Engage!   I am so excited to welcome you into our global community where you can connect and engage with educators around the world. Select "Reply" and introduce yourself to the commun...
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  • April Community Roadmap: Sustainability and the Next Generation of Innovators

    This month, we celebrate Earth Day on April 22, 2016. The first Earth Day, in 1970, that inspired 20 million Americans is widely credited with launching the modern environmental movement. The passage of the landmark C...
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  • BreakoutEDU - Your Students and Staff Will Love This

    Unlock the Potential With BreakoutEDUIncase you haven't heard or experienced this new educational phenomenon, here are the details and an explanation.    What is BreakoutEDU? BreakoutEDU is a game. ...
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  • Missions and Badging

    Missions are created to encourage participation and sharing with the Intel Engage community. Each Mission has its own set of requirements which may include:   Participating in discussions Commenting on resour...