First Short Course in New Series: Feedback Wanted

Version 6

    As Paige Kuni, Manager of K12 Program worldwide, is fond of saying, "Curriculum development is like laundry . . . it's never done."  And how true for some very busy Clarity content team authors, working feverishly over the last three months on our first course in a whole new Intel(R) Teach curriculum product line.


    The all newIntel(R) Teach Elements series will offer high interest, interactive, visually compelling short courses. Flash-based instructional design will provide:

    • interactive tutorials with branching to deeper exploration
    • visual appeal, audio conversations with among teachers and students
    • learning exercises, quizzes, and activities to apply learning



    The first course, Project-Based Approaches, is now available for your review and feedback. You will be the first to see and more importantly, improve this course through your feedback. The attached ppt provides more detail on the series and this course. On behalf of the content team and myself, we are so excited to share this new product with you in this "socially networked" way.  Look forward to your comments and reactions!   Anne Batey, K-12 Content Manager


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