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    Help us improve this site for you! This document will serve two purposes: get your feedback on the sub-community "Training" specifically and collect your suggestions.


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    I love the community. It is user friendly and very appealing. Being the class clown all grown up, I would like to see a little light tech humor. Great pictures!

    How about having the IT joke of the day. Funny personal experience stories like "It's funny now, but..." could be entertaining as well as helpful.

    I can definitely see this community as a valuable resource as I venture into the role of an ST. I do feel that timely feedback is crucial to building a true sense of community among all the members.This may have been previously mentioned during the summit, but it would be nice to have all the Intel portals linked from this site.
    The community is a great resource. Even though I have had access for only a few days, I have already found many ideas on the site. It's great to able to collaborate online!I agree that one log-in would simplify access for everyone.