Essentials Course v10 Senior Trainer Resources

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    Intel®  Teach Essentials Course version 10.1  | Senior Trainer Resources

    For Senior Trainers/Senior Faculty/Senior Leaders to use when training Master Teachers / Faculty Members/ Master Leaders.

    As you prepare for your  next training, review the resources in the restructured MT Appendix. These appendix resources are designed to support you as you prepare to conduct your Intel® Teach  Essentials Course v10.1 for Master Teachers. It provides recruiting and course  setup guidelines, checklists, milestones, and technical instructions necessary  for successful completion of course requirements.

    The files in the  following table are resources you need to successfully facilitate this  training. The files linked from this environment will always have the most recent file.

    Use the Community to support your next Training. One of the advantages to using our group feature is everything can be in one place (blog, wiki, discussions, document sharing, showcase, resources, important links). An added value for your participants is a place to continue the conversation into the implementation phase of their unit. Check out the resources - Using the Community Group Feature

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    Curriculum Corrections:

    • View the print manual curriculum corrections (DOC, 1 page) for Intel® Teach Essentials Course v 10.1 tracked only through 2010.
    • View the digital manual corrections for use with the Intel Education Viewer (DOC, 1 page) with updates identified since launch in May, 2010. We encourage you and your participant teachers to make note of these corrections and ensure you order the most current version of the digital manual updated October, 2010.
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    Download a .zip of all files here: (4.4 MB)

    Agendas,  Checklists, and Presentations



    File Name


    Generic Version Presentation - NOTE: the presentations have been consolidated to one presentation for all agenda types to accommodate the Intel Education Viewer.
    PowerPoint3,127 KBIntel Teach Essentials MT TrainingOct 2010
    Standard Agenda Option


    97 KB

    Essentials    10.1 MT Course Agenda (standard)

    Oct 2010


    98 KB

    Standard MT Training Checklist

    Oct 2010

    8-hour day Agenda Option


    93 KB

    Essentials 10.1 MT Course    Agenda (8 hour days)

    Oct 2010

    Word96 KB8 hour MT Training ChecklistOct 2010
    1:1 Environment Agenda Option
    Excel97 KBEssentials 10.1 MT Course Agenda (1:1 environment)Oct 2010
    Word96 KB1:1 MT Training ChecklistOct 2010



    39 KB    

    Grade Rubric for MT Training

    Oct 2010  

    Recruiting  Resources

    Type   Size           File NameUpdated  
    PowerPoint354 KBCourse Overview PresentationOct 2010



    Recruiting Flyer


    40 KB

    Overview of Changes


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