MT Training with Community Ideas-Essentials F2F

Version 2

    Some early ideas on how to use community


    Module 1

    • Create pre-work like TEO Orientation
      • Get them thinking about a unit idea
      • Understand the program- expectations and what they are getting into
      • Create a profile and incorporate in F2F discussions

    M1 & Beyond

    • Community can incorporate RSS feed to External Blogs and Wikis
    • Unit Plan discussions- for feedback and sharing ideas

    Module 2

    • Activity 5 – instead of creating a presentation possibly a wiki. . .
    • Extension to CFQs available in the Community

    Module 3

    • Discuss and post ideas to keep fresh research with using the internet and research
    • Activity 5 – Considering Web-Based Collaborative Learning (like Ning) – incorporating communities as a choice and define
      • Discuss the role of using a community with students
      • In community have a place where educators can share ideas on communities that work and find communities that would support them in the classroom

    Module 4

    • Extension- share the PBL short course

    Module 5

    • Extension- Additional Research or general discussions are optional

    Module 6

    • Revisit the discussions on unit plan feedback, ideas and brainstorming
    • Extension on Differentiation – discussions and resources
    • Possibly think about sharing Student Support Materials and getting feedback in the community

    Module 7

    • Extension- determining the needs- sharing discussions and documents
    • Planning Ahead Activity 2 – link to the community on furthering professional growth – sharing short courses, ongoing themes and interactive sharing’s

    Module 8

    • Showcase in the community
      • Direct all sharing through the training group
      • Invite VIPs to the communities
    • Follow-up training
      • Sharing 3 months or more out using adobe connect
      • Post real “student” samples