Webinar Information

Version 5

    As a Senior Trainer you can request to use the Engage Teachers webinar space. Webinar topics must be related to an Intel training or program objective. The following are just a few ideas that support hosting a Webinar:

    • Use a webinar to conduct a virtual training
    • Host a webinar X months after training to see if participants have any questions or want to highlight any new unit ideas
    • Participate in one of our panel discussions Webinar Hosts Sign Up


    To request hosting access for a webinar event of your own, submit the Webinar Request Form.


    Intel will provide you with Webinar access. Intel does not provide training and ongoing support for hosts, presenters and participants of your webinars. Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro is pretty straight forward. It is suggested that spending a few hours with Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro will familiarize you with the system and will allow you to conduct a successful webinar.

    The following are a few resources that can help your  learning curve:


    Listen to US Senior Trainer, Dan Morris, as he walks you through how to deliver a Webinar: http://engageteachers.acrobat.com/p30111248/