RSS Option 1: Using a Browser-Based RSS Subscription

Version 3


    Creating a Simple RSS Subscription with Internet Explorer 7.0


    The simplest way to subscribe is through your browser similar to how you bookmark your favorite Web sites. The instructions below are for Internet Explorer 7.0*. Other browsers also have the ability to create "live bookmarking"--see other online tutorials for Mozilla Firefox 1.5 and Safari.

    1. Click the RSS button rss.jpgon a Web site that provides subscription. A new page loads.
    2. On the Internet Explorer* toolbar, click thesubscribe to this feed button subscribe.jpg
    3. Select Subscribe to this feed.
    4. If you want to organize your subscriptions, or feeds, you can add subfolders; otherwise, click OK.
    5. To view your subscriptions (and any recent activity on those Web sites), click the Favorites button favorites_center.jpgand then select Feeds

    6. When you mouse over the feeds that you have subscribed to, you can see when it was last updated.
    7. Click on the feed link and the site will load in your browser.


    Not interested in this option? Try Option 2: RSS Reader


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