RSS Option 3: Creating a Customizable Homepage

Version 3
    Creating a Homepage with iGoogle

    Rather than creating a traditional Web page with your favorite links and resources as your Internet browser's homepage, you can quickly create a customizable homepage. Within literally seconds, you can create a homepage with movable boxes of content to use as your start page when you open an Internet browser.



    In this option, steps are provided to create a homepage with Google. However, other sites are available that allow you to quickly add content to your customizable page. If you do not want to use Google for your homepage, review the steps here and then create your homepage with another site such as:



    • Netvibes (a very good alternative--very easy to use, lots of features)
    • Pageflakes (which builds a customizable page instantly based on your location and interests)
    • My Yahoo! (which comes pre-built with commonly desired content that you can change)
    • (with similarly customizable content)
    • symbaloo (little known and in beta, but very interesting start page--very different format from the others. You can try it out without setting up an account; see intro video)

    With any of these sites, you can choose to add and organize a variety of content in movable "boxes" called gadgets or widgets:



    • Headlines from news or blog sources (RSS feeds)
    • Organizational tools such as a to-do list, calendar, sticky note
    • Travel resources such as a currency converter, route map, weather, reservations
    • Educational tools such as calculator, dictionary, translation help
    • Special interest/hobby resources such as stock quotes, movie showtimes, quote/picture/joke of the day
    • Obscure tools such as the Aztec calendar that will show you which day of the Aztec week and month it is or the number pronouncer tool that helps you pronounce long numbers

    ...and thousands more (and in the case of Netvibes and Pageflakes, hundreds of thousands), some just for the fun of it





    Ready to get organized? Take 30 seconds to set up your iGoogle homepage.





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