Getting Started with iGoogle

Version 7

    Here are the simple steps to get started using iGoogle.






    1. Go to:
    2. Click Sign in.
    3. Sign into Google, or if you do not have any Google account, click Create an account now and register for a Google account. Once you have successfully signed in, the steps for creating your own iGoogle homepage opens.
    4. Optional: Click the boxes of any special interests. Google will pre-populate your site with content based on your selections.
    5. Select the theme, or look, for your pages.
    6. Enter your country and city or zip code.
    7. Click See your page.
    8. Your Google page loads pre-populated with content based on your selections--as well as some standard gadgets.

    Modifying and Adding Gadgets

    After creating your page, review the pre-populated content, delete gadgets you don't want, add new ones, and rearrange the content.




    1. To rearrange the gadgets (boxes of content), on the colored border, click, hold, and drag a gadget to the desired location.
    2. To delete a gadget, click the down-arrow at the top right of the box, and select delete.


    1. To add a gadget, click Add stuff.


    • Search for a gadget by category or type a search term.
    • When you find a gadget you want, click Add it now.
    • Continue searching for and adding gadgets as desired.

    4.  To view your page, scroll up to the top or down to the bottom of the page and click Back to iGoogle home.

    • You may want to rearrange or delete some gadgets. (See 1 and 2 above.)
    • Follow the directions given to customize any gadgets that require your location (such as weather, movies, maps, etc.)                                        

    Continue now to add RSS feeds to your iGoogle page.



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