Modifying and Adding RSS Feeds to iGoogle

Version 17

    Besides providing a page of helpful gadgets, homepages like iGoogle keep track of your RSS feeds very effectively. If you checked some interest categories when you set up your iGoogle page, tabs were created to access those RSS feeds. Review the feeds, delete the ones you don't want, and add feeds of interest.




    1. If you have any existing tabs (such as news, technology, and so forth), click the tab and review the existing RSS feeds, deleting and arranging feeds as desired.
    2. To create a new category/tab, click the down-arrow next to Home, and select Add a tab.


    1. Type the name you want to appear on the tab.
    2. If you want to see what gadgets Google will find to match that topic, keep the checkmark checked at I feel lucky; otherwise, unclick the checkbox, and then click OK.
    3. Go to the Web page to which you want to subscribe.
    • Open a new window or tab for your browser.
    • Click the RSS button rss.jpgon a Web page that provides subscription. A new page loads.

      Note: Look for the one-click Add to Google icons or buttons googlebutton.jpg, which will quickly and automatically add the subscription to your Google homepage. (The remaining steps are not needed with this one-click subscription.)
    • Copy the URL of the subscription page.
    1. Return to iGoogle:
    2. Click Add stuff.
    3. At the bottom of the list of categories on the left, click Add feed or gadget.

    9.  Paste the URL into the box.

    10. Click Add.

    11. If you have additional RSS feeds to add, repeat steps 5 through 10. Otherwise, click Back to iGoogle home.

    12. If the RSS feed ended up on the wrong tab, simply click, hold, and drag the RSS box to the correct tab and unclick.


    Continue now to using your homepage effectively.



    This is a continuation of a series of how-to articles on RSS. View the beginning of the series.