Using Your Homepage Effectively

Version 4

    Whether you use iGoogle or another homepage site, use it to help you browse, keep up with your favorite news/blogs, and access the resources on the Web quickly.

    1. Save your homepage as the page that opens when you start your Internet browser. Each browser is slightly different:
      • For Mozilla Firefox*, on the Tools menu, select Options, click Main, then click Use Current Page (if you are currently on your new home page) or type the address in the Home Page box. Click OK.



    • For Internet Explorer*, on the Tools menu, select Internet Options, click the General tab, and then type the address of the homepage, such as, in the Home page box. Click OK.



    2.  Use your homepage to search and learn more effectively:

    • Scan instead of click
      • Scan article/blog titles for something of interest, rather than clicking them.
      • If necessary, use the Preview to get additional information on the article/blog content. (Click the + next to a title to show a few lines of text.)
      • Only click those links that you're sure you want to view the whole article/blog entry.
    • As you surf the Web and find a site or blog of interest, subscribe to it through RSS--look for the one-click button for your particular homepage to add it quickly.

    Note: The Add to Google button will add the feed to the iGoogle tab that you had open last. You can easily move the RSS feed to another tab by dragging and dropping it onto the correct tab.

    • Learn something new: Find one gadget to help you learn something you always wanted to learn but never had the time. A quick scan every day, could help you meet your goal:
    • Don't add a lot of gadgets to one page; instead, add tabs for different categories. Lots of gadgets add time to the opening of your homepage, which defeats the purpose of using it to save time!
    • Organize your gadgets or widgets. Move them around so that your most used--or the ones you want to see first are at the top.
    • Add quick links. Rather than taking extra steps to access your bookmarks or favorites, add a widget or gadget that has your most-used links.
    • Do you blog, email, twitter, belong to a social networking site, have online documents? More likely than not, you can create messages/access them from your homepage.
    • If you log on to your homepage from a public place, be sure to log out before you leave. For instance, if you have an iGoogle page, you can easily access your gmail from your homepage.

    Please add your ideas or best tips for using a homepage effectively!


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