Adding links in Discussions & Documents

Version 3

    Adding links in Discussions & Documents in the Teachers Engage Community


    Do you want to enhance your discussions or document contributions in the community by making connections? The following discussion thread shows how a post might be enhanced by making connections to content both inside and outside of the community.





    Using the Insert link feature in the HTML editor you can add links three different ways.




    Click Insert Link. You should notice that you have three tabs to choose from Web Address, All Content, or Browse History.



    §       Use the Web Address to add a link to a resource outside of the community.


    §       Use All Content to search and link to content in the community. Review results and then choose item to link to.


    §       Use Browse History to link to a resource in the community that you recently visited or contributed to.



    A benefit of linking to content using either the All Content or Browse History is that the links to the content will display with the corresponding community image icon- so community members will easily know if you are referencing another discussion, or blog or wiki post.