Understanding Community Structure

Version 3

    Each user only sees and has access to the community zones that support their Intel Teach Program needs. It is our hope that the community will foster participation among all users to support all their training needs.


    If you do not believe that you have the access that is needed in the community contact your Intel Teach Affiliate (ITAS) or Regional Training Agency (RTA) requesting appropriate access.


    This image outlines the community and the relationship between the sub comunities. Communities_admin.jpg


    Teachers Engage – The larger Intel Teach Training Community. Designed to support Senior Trainers and Master Teachers in meeting their training needs.

    ·        Calendar: Upcoming Webinars, training events or conferences that support the Intel Teach Program. To have an event added to the calendar e-mail teachersengage@intel.com

    ·        Member Network: A designated place in the community to brainstorm and find resources for online collaborative projects.

    ·        Voice and Visuals: Archives of podcasts and Webinars.

    ·        Facilitate: Documents and discussions that directly support facilitating the Intel Teach Program offerings

    §        Project Sandbox – a place for trainers to practice and explore using projects in the Community.