FAQ for using the Educator Academy

Version 6

    This resource is continually updated as we explore and use more features in the Educator Academy Community. If you have a question about a function of a feature in the community send an e-mail to teachersengage@intel.com.


    Q. My avatar appears distorted.  How can I make sure it look like I want it to?


    A.  Go to : http://www.shrinkpictures.com/create-avatar/  this site quickly crops and resizes your picture so you will have a good avatar. You can also find additional information in the Cool Avatar Sitesdiscussions.

    Q. When  I visit items under "My Stuff" I lose navigation to get back to the Teachers Engage Community. How can I navigate easily through the site?A. Check out the History link at the top of the page. It organizes where you have been by places and types of content. Scroll down the entire list to find where you would like to return.
    Q. How come I can't delete a discussion post that I created?A. A user should be able to delete their discussion post as long as no one has responded to it. Once a community member has responded to your post you can no longer delete it.
    Q. How can I make a link to an external resource open in a new window?

    A. We have submitted this as a new requirement for the community. In the meantime use the "link" feature in the editor bar to add the link and then toggle to HTML mode. Find the link and add this additional code to the existing URL: target="_blank"

    Q. The time that I am making my posts do not correspond to the timezone that I live in- what time is on all posts in the Community?A. Since this is a global community the timezone is Greenwich Mean Time or GMT.
    Q. I have uploaded a profile picture but when I create a discussion response it is not displaying. Did I do something wrong?A. You did nothing wrong. In our community you have two images associated with your profile. The first is your profile image that is only displayed when other community members view your profile. When you share in the community such as responding to a discussion post your avatar image is displayed. Either image can be changed or updated from your portfolio.
    Q. Why would I have difficulty posting a new discussion or a document?A. If the subject of your discussion contains quotations or an apostrophe, you may have an issue creating a discussion post or document.
    Q. What is the difference between a group and a sub- community?A. Any community user can set up a group and determine if the discussions and documents for that group are public or private.  A group can not use tag folders to quickly find content within that group.  A sub- community is set up by the community administration and is either open to all participants or a smaller subset of participants. A sub-community can utilize all the features of the community.
    Q. What happens when I respond to an e-mail that is sent from the community?A. At this time when you respond to a community e-mail your response is sent to the admin e-mail account - teachersengage@intel.com. In the future it will be possible to respond to this type of e-mail and have it post in the community but until then, visit the post directly in community and then respond.
    Q. How can I add links to other resources within the Community.A. - Check out

    Adding links to discussions and documents