Registration for Upcoming Webinars hosted by Teachers Engage

Version 13

    The following directions will guide you through the webinar registration process so you can receive meeting details.

    1.      Open/Download the attached file noted in the Registration Form Column for the webinar(s) you desire to attend.

    2.      Complete the webinar registration form.

    3.      When finished, Click Submit Form to return the completed form.

    4.      Complete Email Address and Name information on Send form screen. Click Send.

    5.      Choose Email Client. 

    a.      If you choose Desktop Email Application, the form will automatically send.

    b.      If you choose Internet Email you will need to save your form to your computer, open your internet email, create a new email to Please be sure to put webinar registration in the subject line.







    Registration Form

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    Intel Teach Live- participate in monthly webinars that support Intel Teach Trainings


    Various Trainers - watch announcements for details

    ***contact for Webinar URL

    Coming Soon

    Using the Group Feature in the Community - are you looking for a way to support your particpants between training?  Use the Teachers Engage Community as support.

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