Recruitment flyer for Master Level Courses

Version 4

    Hello STs! Here's a flyer - I'd love your input and ideas for other things that work for you / might work if you had them...  This flyer has 3 pages: the first talks about what it means to be a Master Teacher (the benefits and the commitment), the 2nd is about the Thinking with Technology Course, the 3rd is about Essentials Course/Essentials Online.  You should be able to extract any pages you don't wish to print or include in the pdf, and you should be able to edit the boxes on pages 2 and 3, to add your specific information.   You may, of course, create your own custom flyers to talk about Intel Teach in your specific location(I've seen some really good ones - if you have some, and are willing to share with the others, that would be wonderful to see here...).  Happy recruiting!