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    ~ Monday Morning Impact: Inspiring Story Summary ~


    Naomi Harm, Brownsville, MN





    Welcome everyone to the Intel Inspiring stories contest! My name is Naomi Harm, a national senior trainer for Intel Education, and I would like to share with you my personal story of how Intel Teach has transformed my teaching practice with the collaboration of others. 



    I have had the opportunity to travel to many global destinations for Intel Teach trainings this year, and have had the privilege and opportunity to collaboratively work with many inspiring educators throughout the world.  These participating educators are dedicated and are driven individuals who transform technology integration and content delivery practices.  These key individuals always keep their eye on the “Prize”  that is- our 21st century digital native learners. 


    By the combination of these educators who are inspiring agents of change,  and the Intel Teach program, I have transformed my teaching practice to better prepare myself to be an active collaborator and a responsive facilitator to meet the immediate needs of all my learners. Setting the stage for active learning and modeling a hands-on / minds-on teaching and learning environment, ensures that each educator is making a real-world personal and professional connection to their unit of study with the Intel Teach program.   Yes, I have been transformed by their inspiration   and their dedication to improve their personal and professional classroom practice, and I too, am now an agent of change with them.


    Thanks for taking the time to listen and to view my Intel Teach Inspiring Story through the attached enhanced educational podcast below.  I challenge you now as an educator to take the next step and critical ask of yourself and self-reflect on the following question:  “How will YOU make an immediate Monday Morning Impact” in your classroom to transform your instructional practice to inspire life long learners?”




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    I am also including an addtional- added fun- "video montage mashup" through the web 2.0 literacy tool of One True Media, and I have provided the following hyperlink for your immediate review too.


    Thanks for viewing my Monday Morning Impact story!



    Naomi Harm
    National Intel Senior Trainer