Member Spotlight: Glen Westbroek

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    Glen Westbroek


    Introducing Glen Westbroek


    Glen is a 7th grade science teacher at Orem Junior High School. He is multilingual: Dutch, HTML, Mac, and Windows. Glen’s hobbies include: geocaching, Amateur Radio, Mountain Biking, Fly fishing, Hiking, Photography, and music.



    An MT for years before becoming a ST

    How, why and when did you become involved with the Intel Teach program?

    I was invited to train as a MT in 2001. I became an ST in 2005 (I think).



    Sharing with Teachers and Students

    Share a significant impact you have made on education or an event that has impacted you in your career.  Could be specific to students/teachers you’ve taught, a skill or application you’ve taught, etc.

    At one point, I had trained over 75% of the teachers in my school on how to use the materials and resources provided by the Intel® Teach Program. I've found several teachers who still use Publisher for their state affiliate assocations because you taught me how easy it was to do.

    I've always felt my purpose is to influence the education of as many students as possible – sometimes this happens as I train teachers who then influence their students.



    Try new things

    What advice would you give to teachers who are starting out fresh with integrating technology into their curriculum?

    Don't be afraid to try new things.

    Students are used to trying technology and finding it does not work as expected. They then try to solve why it does what it does instead of what they expect. Let them help you try to figure out what is challenging for you.



    Connections with other educators

    What has been your most memorable moment as an Intel® Teach Trainer or of the Intel® Teach Program in general?

    Expecting to help with a presentation at a National Science Teachers Association convention. Learning as the session began that I was being honored by Intel Teach for a recognition I recently received.

    How important it is to stay connected with others that challenge and support you!




    Interactive WhiteBoard

    What is your most favorite technology gadget, tool or toy and why?

    Favorite Technology gadget is probably my Interactive WhiteBoard. I'm finding new ways to help students become part of their own learning using it. It's fun to hear these students tell other students, teachers, and administrators what they got to do to help teach the class.


    Teach students to think

    Is there anything that I didn’t ask that you would like to elaborate on or share?

    The most important job of a teacher that I can think of is they have a responsibility to help their students be able to think.

    Too often I see teachers just tell students what they should learn or memorize.

    Great teachers invite students to think on their own and allow them to start trying to solve problems. This deeper thinking will probably be the most important step students learn to do.