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    Intel Teach Elements Brochure

    Powering Up the Promise of Digital Learning
    Share information about this effective series of courses.


    Intel Teach Elements playlist

    Includes an Overview about the series, one short video per course, a 'Familiarization' video to help you learn about the courses, and an overview of the Teachers Engage community.

    Please use these ANY way you like (on your Web sites, in presentations, in communications), they're meant to help you quickly show the benefits of the series and courses you're interested in offering.

    PPT (presentations)

    Intel Teach Elements Overview Presentation

    Introduction to Elements, please use this to better understand Elements and/or to share with others..

    General information about Intel Teach Elements and the specific courses. Videos are included on the 2nd slide.

    WebinarsYou can find upcoming live and previously recorded Webinars - many on Intel Teach Elements courses or topics here:

    PDFs (Course Overview


    At, you'll find:

    • Intel Teach Elements Overview (about the series and the available courses)
    • A syllabus for each available course
    • Frequently Asked Questions
    Course Syllabi

    Assessment Syllabus (PDF)

    Collaboration Syllabus (PDF)

    Inquiry Syllabus (PDF)

    Leadership Syllabus (PDF)

    Project-Based Approaches Syllabus (PDF)

    Thinking Critically with Data Syllabus (PDF)

    Designing Blended Learning (PDF)

    Moving into Mobile Learning (PDF)