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    TeachEngineering -




       Engineers Make a World of Difference.  Celebrate engineer-volunteerism and outreach. (Thanks to Julia for finding this and posting it first)


    STEM Education Coalition -


    Engineer Your Life -


    MN STEM -


    STEM Educational Institute -


    National Science Foundation -


    Journal of STEM Education and Research-


    MIT Office of  Engineering Outreach Programs (Resources) -


    Northwestern University Office of Science, Technology and Math Education -


    STEM Transitions -


    Engineer Your Life (Designed for Girls) -


    Engineer Girl (Middle School) -


    Open Source Resources for STEM (TCEA presentation)


    Mathtrax -

    • contains equation editor
    • text appears to explain equation that you input
    • Sound option allows you to play the sound of the graph

    Geogebra -

    • download available in different languages


    Celestia- tool for exploring the universe

    • Great way to illustrate factors of 10
    • Images do not remap resolution as they do in Google Earth
    • Contains browser
    • Contains calculator

    Virtual Lab-

    • virtual microscope
    • 200 gb of images


    • Programming Language
    • different languages available
    • sharing community
    • 50.00 component you can buy will allow sound to be input


    • interactive simulations