Technology Integration through Intel Teach: Helping me become a better teacher- A. Buan

Version 13

    Amelia Buan

    Iligan City, Philippines



    Teaching is the profession I know. It gives me the opportunity to help students become more confident and be the best in everything that they do. I have been in the profession for sixteen years and the Intel Teach program has been part of this wonderful journey.


    It is a challenge to develop lesson appropriate to the changing times. As an educator, I feel that it is my responsibility to come-up with a student- centered lessons that are interactive, interesting, relevant and dynamic. The trainings I have received from Intel Teach Program enhanced my knowledge in instructional design. Integrating the things I have learned from Intel Teach Program and professional communities helped me think on redesigning lessons/curriculum for my class. As I worked with teachers and administrators, I found out some teachers have difficulty in identifying the capabilities of technology to support students’ creativity. Being a trainer provides me an avenue for me to share the lessons that I developed by showing to them the outputs of my student and the tools I found useful to improve creativity skills.


    Sharing my journey with Intel Teach Program and  professional communities helped me become a better educator.