Inspired by Intel

Version 8
    • I have been using the visual ranking tools and assessment tools since learning about them. I have also been sharing these resources with colleagues through professional development and college courses. My students have used these resources for collaboration and reflective thinking while applying 21st century skills and higher order thinking skills. You can view a sample of my work with the PowerPoint Presentation that my junior high school daughter edited.


    • I have shared the resources and the abundant information that I acquire, with my colleagues and students, especially information about technology. Consequently, I have provided resources in the schools through my participation in available workshops, and I am always looking for additional resources that can be shared and utilized by teachers and students.


    • The use of the Web 2.0 Tools and Intel Teaching Tools provided avenues for fostering the development and application of 21st Century Skills and Higher Order Thinking Skills. These skills have been shared by students and colleagues, alike. In fact, many of my students are teaching some of my colleagues, and even me at times, since the use of technology is so cyclical and fundamental to many other skills and abilities.


    • Any consideration for new forms of technology and understanding about these resources is always welcome.