Essential Question: A Success Story -C. Chauvin

Version 2

    Charlotte Chauvin

    Kansas City, Missouri


    Teaching the Essential course from Intel has changed many of my colleagues’ way of teaching. In Kansas City Missouri school district we use the Intel Essential course as one of the key component to our Intelligent Classroom project. The Intelligent Classroom project is a three-year professional development program that has teachers producing between 4-5 unit plans. Having teachers teach using an Essential question has opened some veteran’s eyes. One of our participants commented that she believes she has gotten more in depth presentations from her students because of the open-ended question. Another commented that creating a unit plan involves a lot more work than creating a week’s lesson plan but the outcome is worth it. As one of the instructors who have taught the class for the past four years, I enjoy the look you get when a teacher understands what an essential question is. Teachers have the same look as students when they all of a sudden get it. I hope the program continues because teachers who take our program get a wealth of resources from the book and CD at their finger tips and the cost factor is perfect for our district when we keep pinching pennies. “Thank you” Intel.