Intel Teach Saves The Day - S. Gauthier

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    Susan Gauthier
    Video Setting: A professional development opportunity for librarians

    Intel Teach has changed my approach to redelivering professional development. I incorporate the tools, strategies and curriculum of Teach into all of my state initiatives. My video story is just one example of a seamless integration of an Intel tool bringing together technology, content and classroom management into a successful union. But the bottom line for me, as a trainer, is that my educators were engaged, they were invested in their work and they had fun while they learned. What more could I ask?

    The teachers are not the only ones to benefit from the Intel content but we cannot forget the students. The Intel Teach professional development program and website models technology which will help students acquire the skills they need to survive in a complex, technological and information-rich world.

    I could use Showing Evidence to prove why I have an inspiring story or debate this with anyone using Seeing Reason but I am hoping my entry will rank high in the Visual Ranking Tool!


    Note: No stick people were harmed in the making of the video